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Unforgettable Journey

Citra Nashwa Tour is dedicated to creating and facilitating travel experience to develop awareness of each person to the place and the culture they are visiting. We specialize in sectors Inbound, Umrah, Hajj and continue to develop products and provide services to each client with the experience and the best price.

Our Mission

  • To introduce the best of what there is in Indonesia. Which is natural beauty, culture and ethnicity.
  • Being a leader in the travel industry sectors Umrah and Hajj, our experience since 1989 is a strong foundation to organize your trip

why us

Dear Traveler,
It is my pleasure to introduce you to my lovely indonesia through our company. I look forward to making your travel experience with us one that helps you understand why I love my country so much.

It is our mission here, at Citra Nashwa Tour, to introduce you to the beauty of Indonesia that we have to offer. We do this by making travel arrangements for you to Indonesia and beyond and by treating you as we do our friends and family - with honesty, integrity and sincere loyalty.

We all believe in the history and the future of Indonesia  are very proud to be a part of presenting them to you. I love indonesia.

Ali Hasyimi



The following services are available in any city and prices are dependant on the time of year and the city they are booked in. For price detail go check out you can see in our website or call us at +62 21 79192811. Our services :


We can offer the best price for the purpose you need. Only by giving the destination where you want to go, we can offer competitive prices for domestic and international flights for you.


We take great care in selecting a hotel that provides our guests comfort and great service. We believe that comfort and enjoyment will be obtained if the accommodations were given good, more carefully for the selection of ambience and location.


It is our belief that by provide local food presented by local culture where you are visiting is one of the best ways to get to know and fall in love with the culture. In every place we trying to give a cultural experience. We also do everything possible to special order from our guests such as Halal food, special diet or other requests.

Group Tour / GIT

Traveling with a bunch of people is the safest choice and more economical. However, this trip can not be done with spontaneous because must looking for a several other people to join in this trip. This is why we restrict the size of a bunch of people to start from 15 people to be able to realize his journey quickly and with economic prices.

Indiviual Tour / FIT / Free & Easy

For those who are not interested in group tours that we offer, but still want to take a trip to one of our existing products. We can use our expertise can help to make any itinerary, from the simplest one to the most complex. We can do almost all of the settings in your products. From our products listed in our website www.citranashwatour.com, there are several products that we arrange for you who do not want to get together in a trip. You can also contact us for assistance with your itinerary individual.

Seat in Coach

SIC tours stands for Seat-in-Coach Tours, the which means you will share an air-conditioned coach or van with other tourists and you will have (may be not) an English-speaking tour guide to take you to all the scenic spots listed in the itinerary that day. Compared with Private tours, tours SIC are usually less expensive than the Private tours, Private tours but are more flexible.

Local Homestay / Guesthouse

This accommodation is the most excellent way to learn about the culture and the new friends you meet. You are given a room with a comfortable bed and breakfast in someone's home. Prices will variety depending on the time and economical place.

Passport & Visa

we have a special division that moves in the travel document. Passport-making region ranging from jakarta north, west, central, south, tanggerang, cengkareng and karawang. We are also specialists such as visa handling Visa USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, the Schengen Europe, Korea Express, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Car / Bus

We have the best fleet partners across Indonesia. Transportation ranging from small to large all already with the driver. Transportation from us ready to take you for the areas within cities or outside of cities.

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